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Money Manager Ex is a software for Windows that helps you manage your finances easily. You can manage your personal as well as business finances with this application. It is free-to-use software. This open-source and cross-platform finance software creates an overview of your financial worth. Simply put, Money Manager Ex primarily keeps a track of your money, like – when and how the money goes.

*Review by The Windows Club on 2018-08-24

Finance software may not be the most existing type you could install on your computer, but it’s certainly one of the most useful. Money Manager Ex aims to be simple enough for just about anyone to use, while being powerful enough to keep demanding users happy. For: Great budgeting and cashflow forecasts, Cross platform and open source, Secure and highly customisable

Reviewed by techradar on 2017-07-26

Money Manager Ex is an excellent full-featured budget program: it’s fairly easy to use, with a medium-level learning curve and has an extensive help file to assist users' on how to navigate the various features and options. It also supports most, if not all, computer operating systems.

Reviewed by Gizmo’s Freeware on 2014-11-19

Money Manager Ex nicely blends together ease of use with useful finance management functionality. From its intuitive and very easy to use interface you can access lots of features that will help you efficiently manage your finances. Thanks to this free and cross-platform personal finance software tool, anyone can conveniently keep track of their finances..

Reviewed by FindmySoft on 2014-04-17

Money Manager Ex is a an open source, cross platform alternative to commercial software like Microsoft Money or Quicken. While it isn’t as flashy as some of the commercial software on the market, it is robust and feature-packed for being small and portable.

Reviewed by LifeHacker on 2010-08-28

Money Manager EX (MMEX) is the only other financial app with kMyMoney that has a wizard to help facilitate the initial setup of your financial information. This application can track stocks and assets, along with accounts. MMEX is capable of handling several currencies, and you can also set transactions to repeat automatically at specified time intervals.

Reviewed by Tom’s Hardware on 2010-04-29

Money Manager Ex provides an easy method for monitoring household income and expenditures. While easy to operate, users may be turned off by the amount of work required to keep the numbers accurate. However, we feel the work is worth it, as Money Manager Ex provides an accurate snapshot of your financial world.

Reviewed by CNET on 2009-07-24

Money Manager Ex is the Baby Bear of financial managers–not too big, not too small; not too hard, not too easy. It is just right. For anyone whose finances are big enough to need frequent attention but not so large as to need a constant accountant, Money Manager Ex tracks money as it comes in and goes out.

Reviewed by PCWorld on 2008-03-11

Money Manager EX is free software that provides users a tool for managing their finances. It features a simple and straightforward interface that lets users easily monitor and manage their assets and expenses.

Reviewed by Tom’s Guide

Money Manager Ex is a simple yet comprehensive home finances manager that could even be extended to small businesses. It works on a simple principle - you enter all of your financial information into the program and leverage the organizational and overview functions of Money Manager Ex to keep track of all your incomings and outgoings.

Reviewed by Softonic

Money Manager Ex is a simple, and very easy to use personal finance software that can be run directly from a portable device. This application will help it’s user get organized and keep track of where his or her money goes. Money Manager Ex includes most of the basic features a user would need in personal finance software.

Reviewed by Pendriveapps